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Interview with Dinis Guarda for citiesabc Podcast

I was recently interviewed by Dinis Guarda on the citiesabc podcast, where we discussed my book The Insight Discipline as well as the following subjects...

1. My background and career to date.

2. Being recognized in the top 150 management “gurus” (and my lack of fondness for the term "guru"!).

3. My role at the Intelligence Leadership Forum.

4. How to attain and sustain a leadership position in your chosen markets.

5. How Leadership Forum addresses leadership development, inclusion and diversity, etc.

6. Elaborations on my book Learning from the Future.

7. How to navigate the current global crisis to ensure your organization survives and stays relevant.

8. How to use data to develop informed business strategies to deliver objectives more efficiently and effectively.

9. What it means to be an Intelligence Leader.

10. The role technology and digital transformation is playing in leadership development.

11. How do you look at the chaos around tech, management and culture?

12. 5 top tips for turning data into valuable insight and competitive advantage.

13. How can leaders establish an insight culture?

14. 3 marketing campaigns inspired by powerful customer insights.

The podcast is also available as a video, which you can watch here:

If you have any questions about the subjects discussed, please get in touch.

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