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Dr. Liam Fahey

Author | Consultant | Speaker

Liam Fahey is the author of The Insight Discipline, as well as an accomplished strategy consultant, business advisor, executive educator and public speaker. 

Get to Know Liam Fahey

Dr. Liam Fahey is Co-founder and Partner in Leadership Forum, and the creator and leader of Intelligence Leadership Forum.​ He has been a faculty member at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and Boston University, and is Professor of Management Practice at Babson Executive Education. 

He consults, teaches, researches and writes on enabling organizations to win in the marketplace through enhanced marketplace intelligence and insight. He advises leaders, conducts workshops, consults with analysis specialists and engages with work teams on all facets of generating and leveraging insights. He is the author and/or editor of eight books and over fifty articles or book chapters.

Dr. Liam Fahey in a corporate office setting

Areas of Expertise

A photo of the book The Insight Discipline by Liam Fahey

The Insight Discipline: Crafting New Marketplace Understanding That Makes A Difference

In his new book, Dr. Liam Fahey details the analysis methods and modes of deliberations required to overcome "the insight challenge" and to create an insight-driven culture. The book lays out the business case for why leaders must emphasize the goal of attaining new insight if they want to gain maximum value from analysis. The Insight Discipline provides you with a comprehensive guide to what it takes to craft marketplace insight that extends beyond the typical analysis "findings". Moreover, it will show you how to use new insight to influence thinking, decisions and action at any organizational level.

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Praise for The Insight Discipline

Philip Kotler, Kellogg School of Management

"Marketing is rich in data but poor in insight. Liam Fahey does a remarkable job of systemizing how to gain marketing insights, tease out their implications, and use them to drive your decision making."

Speaking Engagements

Liam Fahey delivers keynote addresses and topic presentations at professional meetings, university conferences, client organization events, workshops and off-site meetings.


Topics include competitive strategy, marketing, corporate intelligence, marketplace insight and strategy execution, which typically reflect the research, consulting and executive education experience seen in his books, articles and book chapters. He works with organizations to customize engagements to advance their thinking, decision making and action.

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Featured Content

Liam Fahey is a regular contributor to various high-profile business and leadership publications, he also guests on podcasts from time to time. Here are some of his recent articles.

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