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Leadership Forum

About Leadership Forum

Liam Fahey co-founded Leadership Forum with Dr. Wanda Wallace in 2002.


Leadership Forum (LF) is a global network of practitioners, consultants and academics who are committed to enhancing the leadership of organizations. 

LF was founded on the principle that to lead well one needs to know three essential and related components: 

  1. Strategically where one is going;

  2. Personal patterns and preferences; and 

  3. Organizational history, capabilities and expectations.

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Under the auspices of the Leadership Forum (LF), Liam Fahey created the Intelligence Leadership Forum (ILF) in February 2004, an elite invitation-only group of senior intelligence and strategy professionals representing multiple industries.

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Forum Intent

The intent of the Forum is twofold:

1) To enable member firms to deploy and leverage the practice of intelligence throughout their organizations to enhance strategic, operational and financial performance.

2) To enable intelligence professionals and others to improve the performance of their intelligence activities. In short, the Forum enables intelligence leaders to learn from each other and to create content that cannot be obtained elsewhere.

Join the Intelligence Leadership Forum

If you're interested in improving the performance of your intelligence activities and leveraging the practice of intelligence throughout your organization, you can apply to join the Intelligence Leadership Forum by completing the form below. 

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